Program Swiss MOOC Workshop 7 & 8 May 2019


Tuesday  7 May

9:30 Arrival coffee

RLC D1 661

10:00 Welcome and introduction by Patrick
10:30 Designing MOOC assessments

How to create interesting and engaging tests that assess the required competencies?

Contributions of:

Christian Vornanburg (EPFL)

Anne helsdingen (EPFL)

Video production studio: In this module we will present the technical specification, construction and exploitation of MOOC studios, production values, and the concept of scalable infrastructure.

Contributions of:

Gwenaël Bouquet (EPFL)

Gilles Raimond (EPFL)

11:30 Copyrights and MOOCs, contribution of Raphaël Grollimund
12:30 Lunch at Table de Vallotton
14:00 Integrating external activities in Courseware: Instructional consideration and functional requirements

Why would we link to external LMS (e.g. Moodle) and how?

What opportunities do platforms such as H5P offer for online education?

How to integrate external activities into the Swiss MOOC Service (LTI configuration) ?

Contributions of:

Christian Vornanburg (EPFL)

Anne helsdingen (EPFL)

Video editing and post production:

Contributions of Magali Croci (EPFL) and Eloge Seri (EPFL)

15:30 Tea


GDPR and other legal issues concerning Swiss MOOC Service

Contributions of specialist

Masterclass system design and set up:

hands-on workshop about how to create an LTI Provider and connect it to the  Swiss MOOC Service /open EdX.

Prerequisite: basic python knowledge

Contributions of Oleg (EPFL)

17:15 Leave for 60 mins hike + dinner:

And dinner at:

Wednesday 8 May:

09:00 Recent developments

Campus analytics update

Jupyter notebooks

ContributIons of Patrick Jermann (EPFL), Francisco Pinto (EPFL) and Pierre-Olivier Vallès (EPFL)

Masterclass video lectures:

Participants bring their own sample video lecture for in depth discussion on educational and media aspects.

Prerequisite: bring your own 2 minutes video.

Contributions of Matthew (EPFL) and Gwenael (EPFL)

10:30 Coffee


Discussion and next steps

Business model, Legal form