European MOOC Summit

MOOCs European Stakeholders Meeting

EPFL, Lausanne, June 6th – 7th 2013

This meeting is on invitation only.
For enquiries contact Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg (email)


Many European universities are engaging in MOOCs-related initiatives. Some host their MOOCs on US platforms, while others are developing their own platforms. What are the strategies of the European universities? Why do they engage in MOOCs? In which languages are they produced? Which audiences do you target ? How effective have been the first MOOCs experiences in Europe? Why would Europe need to have its own platform? How do MOOCs build upon existing online learning activities? How do regional, national or European governments see their role? What is the impact on mobility of European students? Which research initiatives are launched in Europe? What are the new business opportunities? To address these questions, EPFL will host two meetings.

The Summit. In early 2014, EPFL will host a summit where these questions will be addressed. This forum will be open to European MOOC stakeholders: executive members of universities that are engaged in MOOCs projects, persons in charge of MOOC production, corporate actors providing technologies or services, regional, national and European decision makers, scholars conducting research on MOOCs. The goal of the meeting is to develop synergies among European universities around themes such as student’s assessments, MOOC accreditation, platform interoperability or joint research initiatives.

The Encounter. To prepare this event, we organize a first encounter of key actors, at EPFL – Lausanne, on June 6-7. The first day aims at sharing information. Each participant will have 5-10 minutes to present the state of affairs in his or her institution, i.e., what has been achieved so far and what are the key challenges. The second day will be structured around the themes that will emerge from the first day, such as those mentioned above. The meeting finishes on June 7th at 13:00, but those who want to join the program committee for the fall conference could join the 14:00 meeting.

Presentations of the meeting

Goals of the Meeting Karl Aberer
Pierre Dillenbourg
Session 1: “Tour d’Europe” Pierre Dillenbourg
Austria (W. Nagler), Belgium (V. Blondel),
Denmark (L. Stenbaeck), France (A. Mille),
Germany (U. Cress), Italy (F. Fiumana),
Netherlands (Shimson), Portugal (A. Teixeira),
Spain (C. Delago-Kloos), Switzerland (P. Jermann),
UK (J. Haywood)
Session 2: “Supra-national Strategies”
Panel of Associations and Networks

Carlos Delgado Kloos
Michael Gaebel
Alfredo Soeiro
Olivier Küttel
Yves Epelboin
Fred Mulder

Session 3: “Corporate strategies” Karl Aberer
Johannes Heinlein
Matthew Shorter
Pedro Aranzadi
Pang Wei Koh
Michel Bernard
Volker Zimmermann
WG 1: “Europanismor Platformism” Michaël Gaebel  
WG 2: “Bologna 2.0” Pierre Dillenbourg  
WG 3: “Universtiy strategies” Karl Aberer pdf
WG 4: “Disruption or Continuity” Ulrike Cress  


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