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co 120

Effective exercise sessions

Exercise sessions provide students with an opportunity to apply the things they have learned in lectures, to deepen their understanding, to clarify problems and to monitor their own learning.

    What are the features of exercise sessions that best help student to learn?
    How can exercises be adapted to help students deepen their understanding?
    What approaches can be used to monitor student progress?
    How can feedback be provided in manageable but effective ways?

By: Roland Tormey

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CO 120

Flipping a Class from 0 to 180

What are good reasons to flip a class? What do students and teachers actually do in a flipped class? This workshop will introduce the participants to the various forms of flipped classroom designs and to the different instructional techniques that can be used. Hands-on activities will allow the participants to work on the design of their own course.

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6-0 October 2014 Learning Analytics Week (LAW)
10-12 February 2014 EMMOCs 2014
6-7 June 2013 European MOOC Summit – The Encounter
30 April 2013 CEDE Opening