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How to transform your course into a MOOC.

Producing a MOOC consists of creating online activities and video resources for students to acquire knowledge. It includes the design of assignments that allow students to reach clearly defined learning objectives. 
This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to  produce material that is compatible with the MOOC format using existing lecture notes, presentation slides and exercices. 
During the workshop you will see how to modestly span from transforming a few of your lectures into mini-MOOCs up to the editorial process to start producing a full MOOC at EPFL.

A. Herzog
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CO 120

Body and Voice in Teaching- A day of practice, play and reflection

  • Do they hear me? Exploring breath and voice and articulation.
  • Do I allow myself being seen and heard? Exploring bodily tension and release as basis for facing an audience and dealing with stage fright.
  • What if the situation turns out differently than planned? Paying attention to the here and now as basis for improvising and spontaneous solutions.
  • How can I hear them? Caring for your audience as basis for developing an engaged learning/teaching situation.

By: Susane Martin

Past Event

6-0 October 2014 Learning Analytics Week (LAW)
10-12 February 2014 EMMOCs 2014
6-7 June 2013 European MOOC Summit – The Encounter
30 April 2013 CEDE Opening