How to produce a MOOC

What does teaching with a MOOC involve ?

Preparing the course is labour intensive. It involves recording video lectures in a MOOC Studio as well as defining assignments and evaluations. The preparation time is of course smaller if you start from a well prepared course that you have been teaching for an extended time and for which you have pedagogical ressources readily available. Jérôme Chenal gives some details about the production of his MOOC about african cities in this interview

MOOCs run like regular classes and involve regular teaching activities like monitoring and replying to forum posts, correcting assignments and participating in social network activities.

The production team will assist you in preparing and delivering the course. For questions related to the production of your MOOC, please contact

How to…

MOOC Production Pipe

The MOOC prodcution process involves three phases. Preparation, Production and Diffusion. This picture illustrates the steps and actors involved in the process.

Our media template illustrates the “mise en slide” that we recommend for EPFL MOOCs. It features three templates, the full shot, the split shot and the thirds shot. EPFL teachers can obtain the PPT template by writing to  

youtube invisible hand

This video will show you how to create an invisible hand effect in your MOOC.