MOOC Factory

All you need to know about EPFL MOOCs

What is a MOOC?

The simplest answer is to watch online MOOCs from Udacity, Coursera or EdX. The common format is a
course of 7 weeks. A standard 2 hours lecture becomes in the online format a set of 5 to 10 videos of 10-12 minutes each. Students initially see the teacher introduce the topic, but soon thereafter the focus shifts on what the teacher writes. Instead of blackboards tablet computers are used, on which the professor writes on an empty or pre-filled screen, while speaking. Manual annotation of contents avoids the drowsy effect of Powerpoint.
Some videos feature embedded quizzes: the video stops, students reply and the video continues.

How to produce a MOOC?

The production team will assist you in preparing and delivering the course. For questions related to the production of your MOOC, please contact