If you want to open a new course or more information, just send us an e-mail at is the course sharing platform used at EPFL.

In 2005, CRAFT began to offer a mediatic learning environment for teachers.
Amongst other platforms, Moodle was choosen as it’s open source and rather is easy to manipulate. Since it was launched at EPFL, Moodle has become the main location to post on-line course materials.

At EPFL, Moodle is mostly used as course support where teachers post slides and other relevant course material. It is not, as elsewhere, replacing the course as in an e-learning set-up.

Amongst its many features, students appreciate having the possibility to consult past courses by going to the MoodleArchive.

Some uses of Moodle in teaching:

  • Posting of course documents (power point slides, PDF, or weblinks),
  • Giving feedback and homeworks as documents (Word , PDF, etc …),
  • Adding entries in a database,
  • Solving quizzes,
  • Responding to questionnaires and surveys,
  • Building a part of the course using a wiki, 
  • Participation in forums.

 A course in Moodle can have a multitude of resources and activities.